Thank you for visiting  As a young child, I accepted Christ as my Saviour. I had the opportunity to be reared in a Christian home, attend a Christian school, and be part of a great church. God used so many people in so many ways through my home, my church, and my school. There are many privileges today that I do not deserve. It is joy to serve Christ as a youth director at First Baptist Church and as an administrator and teacher at First Baptist School. Having worked with young people for nearly twenty years, I believe that the success of young people’s lives are rooted in the strength of godly leadership and direction, something that I was a part of many years ago. I believe when there is consistency in the home, church, and school as well as a unified direction, this will help our young people realize a biblical worldview, learn to be godly, and live as law-abiding citizens.

This site is dedicating to the mission of introducing you to Christ if you do not know Him as Saviour. If you do, the mission becomes specific in both informing you of the news, highlights, and stories surrounding the life of our family and that of the ministries we are able to be a part of. The other part of the mission is to help build you as a person whether as a child, teenager, or an adult. May you be encouraged and helped by what is presented.

Your comments are welcome. You may use the contact form if needed under the Contact page.

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