Sciencing Appetites

“Sciencing Appetites”
Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Pastor Dave Clear
I Timothy 6:6-8


Being rich is when your “haves” equal your “wants.”

Our formula is eight sets of threes:

1.  There are three things in this world.

a.  What I have.
b.  What I do not have that I can have.
c.  What I cannot have.

2.  There are three attitudes.

a.  To want what I have is happiness.
b.  To want what I can have is acceptable.
c.  To want what I cannot have is unhappiness.

3.  There are three conclusions.

a.  I want what I have.
b.  I will accept what I can have.
c.  I will not want have I cannot have.

4.  There are three things to do.

a.  Enjoy what I have.
b.  Do not seek what I can have.
c.  Do not know what I cannot have.

* A couple of practical suggestions:

(1) Married adults/single adults
(2) Poorer/richer

5.  Three things to decide.

a.  Be around what I have.
b.  Do not flee what I can have.
c.  Hide from what I cannot have.

* The biggest mistake that most parents make with child rearing is:

(1) Allowing their children too many choices and
(2) Allowing those choices too early.

6.  There are three dangers.

a.  To be around what I cannot have.
b.  To be around people who have what I cannot have.
c.  To be aware of what I cannot have.

7.  There are three goals.

a.  To not allow the object to create my desire.
b.  To allow God to decide my desires.
c.  To make my “wants” equal my “haves.”

8.  There are three Scriptures.

a.  Psalm 37:4
b.  Philippians 4:19
c.  Hebrews 13:5

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