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Sciencing Appetites

“Sciencing Appetites” Wednesday, July 20, 2016 Pastor Dave Clear I Timothy 6:6-8 Contentment Being rich is when your “haves” equal your “wants.” Our formula is eight sets of threes: 1.  There are three things in this world. a.  What I have. b.  What I do not have that I can have. c.  What I cannot have. […]


Sciencing Government

“Sciencing Government” Wednesday, July 13, 2016 Pastor Dave Clear Romans 13:1-7 The origins of government Two types of rule – both of which were established in upper rooms 1.  Tyranny – being served by others 2.  Being a servant Considering types of governing There are only two potential choices for governing. 1.  Self-governing 2.  Collective governing One […]

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