Sciencing Sanctification

“Sciencing Sanctification”
Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Pastor Dave Clear
I Thessalonians 4:3

1.  The meaning of sanctification

* Sanctification has to do with separation.

a.  Sanctification from sin and that which is sinful.

* Where is the temple today?  Your mind and your body

b.  A separation to God, to godliness, and to God’s purpose.

* “Keep a short sin account!”

* Sanctification is the reason that Christ gave Himself up for the church.

2.  The means of sanctification

* The Bible is the instrument of sanctification, but only when it is received in the heart.

* Two possible results of sanctification.

a.  Pure sanctification

b.  Pharisaical sanctification

3.  The time of sanctification

* Sanctification is progressive.

4.  The participants in sanctification

* Sanctification is the one part of the entirety of the Christian life that is a partnership.

5.  The scope of sanctification

a.  Body

b.  Soul

c.  Spirit

6.  The reason for sanctification

a.  God’s purpose

b.  God’s glory!

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