Sciencing Guarding the Heart

“Sciencing Guarding the Heart”
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Pastor Dave Clear
I Samuel 30:1-6

Soul is

1.  Mind

2.  Will

3.  Emotions

Wrong responses to crises:

1.  Deny (ostrich)

2.  Evade (slippery eel)

3.  Refuse (lone wolf)

4.  Blame (fighting roosters)

5.  Camouflage (chameleon)

How David handled his crisis:

1.  He strengthened himself in the Lord (v. 6)

2.  He sought out some spiritual direction (v. 7)

3.  He got back up and moved (v. 9)

4.  He remained compassionate (v. 10)

5.  He remained humble and grateful (vv. 26-31)

I must encourage myself in the Lord!

Exodus 18 – Moses carrying the burdens of the people

Some of you are just like Moses!

Only God can fix the problems of life!

David did three things:

1.  He yielded to God.

2.  He went in God’s strength.

3.  He trusted God to do the rest.

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