The Credibility Factor

“The Credibility Factor”
Sunday, May 8, 2016
Pastor Dave Clear
Proverbs 11:3


Nehemiah 5:14-19

1.  Nehemiah’s story

Nehemiah comes to rebuild the walls.
There are enemies without.
But now he is dealing with an enemy within–Jews who are abusing and using each other.

2.  Nehemiah’s action

Nehemiah is right to be angry!
Unfair interest rate?  1%

3.  Nehemiah’s traction!

Moral authority gives us traction to lead!

Moral authority is the credibility earned by walking your talk.

You speak so loudly by what you do, that people can’t hear what you say!

Position is authority.

Moral authority is credibility and influence.

4.  What should be our reaction?

At a personal level, demand moral authority yourself!

And at a national level, we should expect and require moral authority of our leadership!

Recovery begins when moral authority supersedes reelection as the value of choice among our national leaders!

Recovery begins when our nation’s leaders prioritize their moral authority over their congressional authority!

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