We the People

“We the People”
Sunday, April 24, 2016
Pastor Dave Clear
Matthew 7:3-5


Illustration:  patient and spilled water on the floor.  Whose job is it?

1.  The root of our financial crisis is not financial.

A.  The financial crisis is a symptom.
B.  Two things really get a person’s (or a nation’s) attention:

(1)  Financial problems
(2)  Health problems

2.  Our problems stem from an abuse of prosperity.

* Four root prosperity problems

A.  We have a discipline problem.
B.  We have an entitlement problem.

* We are spoiled!

C.  At a personal level, we have a greed problem.

* The more you have, the less you give!

D.  At a leadership level, we have a nerve problem.

3.  The road to recovery begins with us, not them.

4.  As God’s people, and as a church, we must remove the beams from our own eyes before helping others with their motes.



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