Sciencing Mystique in Relationships

“Sciencing Mystique in Relationships”
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Pastor Dave Clear
Ephesians 5:28-33

* Mystery:  to get a sample (but not all) of something

* When the mystery is gone, we lose interest!

* Anything you overindulge in makes you sick!

Several points of application:

1.  Modesty leaves mystery in place and is vital for our very survival.

2.  It is wise to both pull toward and push away in all relationships!

3.  Wise parents encourage balance in the diet of a child’s friends.

4.  You also have to be carful about friends going into business together.

5.  Mystique in marriage keeps you continuing to date the one you married.

6.  Keep some area of your life guardedly separate.

7.  Keep a mystique of unhelpful information from your spouse or children.

8.  Keep a mystique in your schedule.

Always have something to look forward to in your day, in your week, in your year.

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