eNews! Fri 04.15.16 @ 11:08 a.m.

  • You can view many of the videos from the High School MACS Fine Arts Festival at the following link:
  • We have asked the students to bring in money that is used to purchase gifts for the coaches on next Thursday at the Athletic Banquet. The captains from each sport will present these. We normally ask for this money toward the end of the year, but the athletic part of the Secondary Awards Night will now take place at the banquet, so the money will be needed earlier. We are asking the students to bring in $3/sport that they played in.
  • Next week, we will be administering the Iowa Assessments Test to our students. Please have your students present and on time if possible every day next week. This is a different testing program than we have used in the past. The Stanford Achievement Testing program (SAT) has decided not to revise their test to meet the Common Core Standards and, as a result of this decision, ended the SAT (10) testing program. Consequently, we (our Christian school organization – AACS) had to select another testing program. Chosen in its place was the Iowa Assessments Test.  The Iowa tests have been around for ages and their assessment appears to be the most neutral testing program available. At issue; however, will be the results of our tests. We are being told by Iowa testing that our scores may be lower than in previous years. The reasons for this may be the following:
  • Our achievement tests are norm-referenced. This means that our group’s testing scores will be compared with nationally norm-referenced scores from a certain year (Iowa’s scores are referenced from the 2011 national norms).
  • We are taking a new test which may affect our scores.
  • We are comparing our performance with a totally new set of norms than was used with the Stanford Achievement Testing Program.

What is encouraging is that if the scores are low, we are told that they will come back up in successive years. We will be anxious to see what happens with the new testing.

  • On Thursday, April 21 the Athletic Department will be hosting an awards banquet to honor athletes and individuals who participated in the fall and winter sports. This night is meant to honor all junior high and high school participants. The evening will begin at 6:30 p.m. with a meal followed by a short awards program beginning at 7:00 p.m. The cost for the event is as follows:  $7.00 per attendee or $30.00 for a family of five or more. Athletes are not required to pay. Parents, siblings, extended family, and friends will need to make checks payable to First Baptist School. Please RSVP by 4/15/2016. If you have any questions, feel free to email Mr. McKinney at You can also call at 651.423.2272.
  • The deadline to take an earned merit day off or set a pre-approved one up is April 29. We do allow merit days to be taken in May but they must be approved by the school office by April 29.  We do this so students will not miss important events toward the end of the school year or miss important reviews for the end-of-the-year finals.  Again, April 29 is the due date to either take you merit day or get approved for a May merit day off.
  • We are gearing up for our next Bike-a-Thon which is just a month away on May 5. Attached are the forms that were passed out to the students last week.  Please have them turn in their helmet form sheet as soon as possible. They do not have to have the money turned in by May 5.  The due date for all monies being turned in is Friday, May 27. We love to have parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles come along for this fun day.  If you think you may come, please let Mr. Cain know very soon and also what t-shirt size you wear. His email is We like to give you the same t-shirt that all the kids wear this day for free for helping us have a successful fun day.
  • Early Reminder:  There is NO District Busing on Friday, April 22nd.  Please make other transportation arrangements on this day.

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