Sciencing Marriage – Part 2

“Sciencing Marriage – Part 2″
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Pastor Dave Clear
Genesis 3:8-10

I Samuel 30:6 – “David encouraged himself in the Lord!”

Men – fear of being disrespected

Women – fear of being disconnected

II Samuel 6:

1.  David disconnected from Michal because it was not convenient.

2.  In the meantime, David marries others.

3.  Then David becomes King of Israel, and part of an agreement with Abner the general is that he will return to him Michal, his first wife.

4.  By this time, Michal has moved on, and is married to Phaltiel the son of Laish.

5.  Phaltiel gives Michal something David never gave her–he connects with her.

6.  Michal comes home, but David still doesn’t connect with her.

The argument between Paul and Barnabas

Paul – a fear of vulnerability/of failure

Barnabas – a fear of rejection

Our relationship problems are usually connected to some core fears!

The fear of being controlled (Rehoboam)

What should we do to overcome our fears in marriage?

1.  Get rid of the fig leaves.

2.  Take responsibility for your behavior.

3.  Help the other person.

4.  Turn everything over to God and trust Him.

5.  Allow Him to replace your fears.


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