Sciencing Friendships

“Sciencing Friendships”
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Pastor Dave Clear
John 15:12-14

1.  God created friendship.

2. God created friendship of mankind to picture Jesus.

3.  Therefore, for a Christian, all friendships should be a display of Christ’s friendship.

4.  Therefore, we should do two things in friendships —

a.  Lay down our lives.
b.  Abide.

Jonathan and David (I Samuel 18)

1.  The knitting of souls was not the action of either.

2.  This friendship brought about unity.

3.  Jonathan laid down his life for David.

4.  This was not based on merit.

5.  Their friendship was closer than blood.

6.  They made a covenant between them.

7.  Jonathan was willing to be in the shadows.

8.  It seems that Jonathan expressed his friendship to David every time he saw him.

9.  As far as we know, Jonathan only had one (David) as a friend.

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