Forgiven and Forgiving

“Forgiven and Forgiving”
Wednesday, December 30, 2015
Pastor Dave Clear
Matthew 18:21

Grace must impact both our friendships and our forgiveness!

Forgiveness is not natural.

Three barriers of an unforgiving heart:

1.  Revenge – “I’m going to get even!”
2.  Resentment – “I’m going to stay angry!”
3.  Remembering – “I will never forget!”

To forgive is to release from a debt!

Three action steps if you are in need of forgiveness:

1.  Face the one you wronged.
2.  Own the wrong.
3.  Ask for forgiveness.

Ways we torture:

* The silent treatment
* Avoiding them
* A series of verbal assaults
* Withholding something from them

Hidden torturers

What should we do to forgive?

1.  Meet face to face.
2.  Point out the wrong.
3.  Release him.

Three reasons to forgive:

1.  Because we have received forgiveness.
2.  Because an unforgiving heart brings torment.
3.  Forgiveness frees people.

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