The Refreshing Spirit

“The Refreshing Spirit”
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Pastor Dave Clear
1 Corinthians 16:17-18

First, Stephanas

Some believe that Stephanus is the same as the Philippian jailer.

Second, Fortunatus and Achaiacus

We think it is possible that Fortunatus and Achaicus were servants (slaves).

They did three things:

1. They visited Paul in Ephesus.
2.  They supplied what was lacking.
3.  They refreshed the spirits of Paul and the Corinthian church.

Important lessons about the refreshing spirit:

1.  The refreshing spirit is the kind of spirit that refreshes and encourages others!

2.  Those exhibiting the refreshing spirit are simply conduits of God’s refreshment.

3.  Those exhibiting the refreshing spirit are oftentimes overlooked.


1.  He was repeatedly kind.

2.  He was associated with Paul’s sufferings.

3.  He went out of his way to find Paul.

4.  Those exhibiting the refreshing spirit are refreshed themselves.

Illustration:  Student in Spokane, Washington, who had a pseudonymous Instagram account:  @TheBenevolentOne3 — a refreshing spirit!

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