The Angry Spirit

“The Angry Spirit”
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Pastor Dave Clear
Ecclesiastes 7:9

Ephesians 4
Two basic words that translated “anger” or “wrath”

1.  Thumos (most commonly translated “wrath”)

*  The sudden outburst, the temporary passionate response
*  It quickly comes up and quickly dies out

2.  Orge (can be translated either “anger” or “wrath”)

* Is more settled, more permanent, ongoing response
* Has an abiding condition of the mind – the anger continues to burn

Fire – when is it good or bad?

Three controls when dealing with anger

First, keep it temporary.

Second, keep it selfless.

Third, keep it controlled.

A study of Peter and Malchus


1)  Malchus was in a mirrored position to Peter.

2)  I suspicion that it is possible that Peter knew Malchus, and that they had exchanged words.

3)  I suspicion that Peter was angry with Malchus.

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