The Evil Spirit

“The Evil Spirit”
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Pastor Dave Clear
1 Samuel 16:14-16, 23

Vacuum – the dictionary defines vacuum as “a space devoid of matter.”
It comes from the Latin word which means “vacant.”

Four stories that need to be reconciled as well:

1.  Job
2.  Judas Iscariot
3.  Abimelech
4.  Pharaoh


1.  Evil can be used two ways.

A.  As a source of sin.
B.  As a negative result.

2.  God is never the source of evil.

3.  Though not the source of wickedness, God often uses the wicked’s own wicked actions to perform His own purpose.

4.  God often gets out of the way, and does not restrain evil.

5.  Saul’s “evil spirit from the Lord”?

A.  Demon possession
B.  Evil possessing his attitude

When you do not yield in your heart to God, then you yield to evil.

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