Daniel, the Man with an Excellent Spirit

“Daniel, the Man with an Excellent Spirit”
Wednesday night, October 7, 2015
Pastor Dave Clear
Daniel 5:12; 6:3

Four characteristics of Daniel that reveal his excellent spirit:

1.  He was a man of purpose.

2.  He was a man of prayer.

We really need to approach prayer relationally, not dutifully!

3.  He was a man of perception.  Daniel 1:4

a.  No blemish
b.  Well-favored
c.  Skillful in all wisdom, cunning in knowledge

Wisdom comes to those who exercise teaching!

d.  Understanding science
e.  Ability to stand

4.  A man of power.

Stradivarius violins:  “Other men will make other violins, but no man shall make a better one!”


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