A New Song in My Heart – Psalm 137

Psalm 137
Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Pastor Dave Clear

* We are going to suggest that Ezra wrote this Psalm.

* Ezra reminds us again of what it means to be a stranger and pilgrim.

* The Israelites were well-known as a singing people.

* Sin brings sadness!

* P. O. W. = a prisoner of waywardness

* The name Babylon (in the Bible) means “confusion.”

* The name Zion (in the Bible) basically is the same as Jerusalem (“city of peace“).

* Psalm 137 can be called “no song for the backslider.”

1.  There is a sadness they cannot escape (vv. 1-2).

a.  A misery in their hearts (v. 1)

In Jeremiah 25, Jeremiah reminds that God gave them three things:
1)  God gave them a land.
2) God gave them a law.
3) God gave them the Lord.

They defiled the land.
They defied the law.
They denied the Lord.

b.  A memory in their hearts (v. 1)

* Christ is the destination, not church!

2.  There is a sarcasm they cannot endure (v. 3).

3.  There is a song they cannot express (v. 4).

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