A New Song in My Heart – Psalm 133

Psalm 133
Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Pastor Dave Clear

* When Jewish pilgrims sang this Psalm, they never sang it alone!

* David is the author of this Psalm.

* This Psalm was possibly occasioned by the uniting of Israel.

* David emphasized unity, not uniformity!

* Keep in mind that this is the fourteenth step out of fifteen songs of degrees.

Two poetic images describing the greatness of unity:

1.  Oil (v. 2)

Three individuals anointed with oil:
1) Prophets
2) Priests
3) Kings

a.  Unity blends all.
b.  Unity covers all.
c.  Unity fills all.

2.  Dew (v. 3)

Two mountains:
a.  Mount Hermon
b.  Mount Zion

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