This poem was read on Friday, May 30, 2014, to the graduating Senior Class of 2014. It was written and dedicated to them my Mr. Graves. The title of the poem is “Numbers.” There are sixteen members of the Class of 2014. May you always follow the One, the Lord Jesus Christ!


This is First Baptist School, finishing our forty-third year,
A lot of numbers in this poem, written to our seniors, I care.
Five girls and eight guys, equals thirteen students in class,
It’s the Class of 2014, the thirty-ninth group to graduate and pass.

Over 2000 school days, from K5 to twelfth grade,
Now thirteen years later, there are decisions to be made.
You may work one or two jobs, saving every penny you make,
Against the thousands in tuition, that a college will take.

So many memories abound, and stuff you learn and you know,
Then there’s basketball you love, three championships in a row.
Every activity and banquet, every senior platter you’ve sold,
All the preaching you’ve had, all the advice you’ve been told.

One-hundred seventy four, the amount of days in this year,
Multiply that by fourteen years, for Daniel, Ashley, and Viktor.
There are also three other seniors, who believe it or not,
Attended K5 through twelfth grade, it’s Casey, Emily, and Scott.

It’s the end of an era, for five of the families in this class,
All soon-to-be, empty-nester parents, as with these it’s their last.
Goncharenkos, Fosters, and Waits, the Melletts and the McKays,
The last to graduate in each family, with FBS, it’s the end of their days.

With Viktor, Emily, and Daniel, you may not have guessed,
All their siblings are graduates, FBS alumni are the best!
Graduation is May thirtieth, we’ll rehearse because it’s new,
It’ll be split up unevenly, with seven and six on front pews.

We could go on and on, about numbers large down to none,
But there’s a number most important, that number is one.
It represents your own life, and what you can do,
Living in God’s will, may that always be you.

Jesus is the One; put Him first in your life,
Make godly decisions; marry the right husband or wife.
May your blessings be many, may your love for God grow,
There’s Someone you can count on, it’s the God that you know.

-Written by Dr. Charlie J. Graves
-Dedicated to the Class of 2014
-First Baptist School, Rosemount, Minnesota

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