Senior Trip 2014 Update

On Thursday, May 8, 2014, the Class of 2014 started their Senior Trip for the next 10 days. This is the first year that an extra day was added to the trip as classes in the past have started the trip on Friday morning (early). The additional day provided some extra non-rushed time to visit the Creation Museum. The destination for the first day was Florence, Kentucky, where the seniors would stay two nights. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCannon along with Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cain were with the thirteen seniors. Mr. Graves would join the group on Saturday evening.

Click here for Senior Trip 2014 photos. Click here to reminisce on last year’s Senior Trip 2013 pictures.
Click here for a video of First Baptist School presenting a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

On Friday, May 9, the senior class visited the Creation Museum located in Petersburg, Kentucky. In the evening, the class Guys Jumpenjoyed a Cincinnati Reds vs. Colorado Rockies game at the Great American Ball Park. The Reds won 4-3. On Saturday morning, the class left for Alexandria, Virginia.

On Sunday morning, which was Mother’s Day, the class left for Lighthouse Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. We enjoyed a wonderful morning in Sunday school and church. Afterward, lunch was at a nearby McDonald’s, then we left for Arlington National Cemetery. After stopping by the Visitors’ Center, Emily, Kendra, Christian, and Joe laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The class also visited the Iwo Jima Memorial. For the evening service the class went to Crossroads Baptist Church in Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia. They were able to hear Pastor Kenny Baldwin preach. Scott was also able to see his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Tellers, in the service with us.

On Monday, the young people enjoyed a tour of the Pentagon. They visited the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial afterward. Lunch was at the Ronald Reagan Building. The students then visited the Holocaust Museum. Then they visited all the memorials. On Tuesday, they were able to visit Congressman John Kline’s office and then get a tour of the Capitol building. The students visited the Smithsonian museums.

Girls JumpOn Wednesday, the students visited the National Archives, Ford’s Theatre and Museum as well as the National Air and Space Museum. The class also went souvenir shopping at a couple of shops across the street from Ford’s Theatre. The Washington Monument recently opened just days before, and the class was able to secure tickets for this. In the afternoon while waiting in line we were informed there would be a delay due to issues with the elevator. After waiting for a few hours, a very patient class was finally able to go up into the Washington Monument. We waited so long our service was back at the hotel and Mr. Graves spoke to everyone.

On Thursday morning we went to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s estate. The young people enjoyed the museum part as well as tours within the mansion. We then traveled back to the hotel, finished packing, loaded the bus, and then departed for Sandusky, Ohio. On Friday, the class enjoyed the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. Saturday the class headed back to Rosemount, Minnesota.

Praise the Lord for safety on this trip. A big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Cain, advisors for the Class of 2014. A big thank you also to Mr. and Mrs. McCannon for all their hard work with Mr. McCannon driving and Mrs. McCannon’s help with senior platters. This class also had an opportunity to visit the White House on a self-guided tour. Not every class is afforded this opportunity.

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