U.T.B.W.O.S – Conversion

“U.T.B.W.O.S – Conversion”
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Pastor Dave Clear
Isaiah 1:26     Luke 22:31,32     James 5:19-20

“Conversion” means “to change purpose” or “to change the use of something.”

1. Conversion is the outward manifestation of regeneration.

2. Conversion is one of the main purposes of a church.

3. Conversion cannot take place until redemption has been completed.

4. Just because redemption has been completed, doesn’t mean that conversion has taken place.

5. Conversion is another name for the sanctification process.

6. God uses individuals in our lives to help convert us.

7. There are degrees of difficulty in conversion.

8. The Word of God is necessary to convert.

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