Dodgeball Activity Update 2013

After soul winning on Wednesday, November 13, the young people enjoyed a great time of dodgeball. Our official activity name was the, “Midwest Regional Dodgeball Championships and Dinner.” We divided up the girls and the guys into two teams. We started with two girls’ games, and them moved on to two guys’ games and then switched back and forth the entire time.

Click here to view some pictures of the activity.

After almost 45 minutes of dodgeball, we played the guys against the girls (everyone wanted this challenge). The adult chaperones played on the girls’ side to help them out. The guys could only go to half court, while the girls coulDodgeball Actiond go all the way to the free-throw line on the guys’ side.

After the games, Mrs. Breyette and Mrs. Nibbe were a blessing and provided the evening meal for the teenagers. We had 37 of them plus several chaperones. We were treated to sloppy joes, chips, brownies, and soft drinks. Thank you, Mrs. Nibbe and Mrs. Breyette, we sure appreciated that very much. We also appreciate Mr. Manthey, Mr. Otterdahl, Mrs. Graves, Mrs. Clear, Brother Austen, Mr. Von Wald, and Brother Erik who also helped out.

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