The Twelve

This poem is dedicated to the Class of 2013, and it was read to them for the first time while on Senior Trip during one of the devotions with the class.

The Twelve

A long time ago, in a far away place,
On earth walked twelve people, who saw Jesus’ face.
They witnessed miracles from this God man they knew;
Each one had a job, something specific to do.

It’s present day now, and as I create lines to this poem,
I think of twelve seniors who’ve made First Baptist your home.
You’ve made decisions at the altar, you have come to know Jesus;
More than just passing a class, our school has taught you who He is.

In Bible times, the twelve disciples, those followers they were,
Each with personalities and issues, He still used them, for sure.
He loved all of them specially, and helped to care for each need;
An important characteristic was for them to follow His lead.

Today, you’re the seniors; after May thirty-one, graduates you are,
Just three girls, and nine boys, including three Asians from afar.
Christ loves each of you so, and has cared for your needs,
And just like those twelve, my advice is that you follow His lead.

Those disciples looked the part, they were there to follow His will.
Jesus came to seek and to save, for us He died on a hill.
It is recorded in the Bible, it is history forever,
One disciple turned his back on the Lord, he cannot undo it, no never.

You followed the rules and the plan, and did what you were told;
You’ve heard preaching and teaching, but make sure your heart isn’t cold.
While you are writing your history, remember one thing you might miss,
Eleven out of twelve followed Jesus, but the betrayer was Judas.

Be a true disciple, a great follower until you die,
Don’t be like a Judas, and live out a lie.
Live your life for the Lord, be genuine and do right.
May you twelve always be faithful, and serve Him with all of your might.

Written by Dr. Charlie J. Graves
Dedicated to the Class of 2013
First Baptist School
Rosemount, Minnesota

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  1. loren steven says:

    Well done

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