Growth, As Told by the Mustard Seed

“Growth, As Told by the Mustard Seed”
Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Pastor Dave Clear
Mark 4:30-34

The Kingdom of God
1. Is not limited to heaven
2. Is not limited to the church
3. Is not limited ot the future afterlife
4. Is not primarliy a physical kingdom; today it is spiritual…

Two Spiritual Kingdoms Now
1. The kingdom of God
2. The kingdom of Satan (including the world)

This is not teaching how to get to heaven.
This is not teaching how to grow the church.
It is teaching the importance of faith in growing in our spiritual lives.

What I Believe We Need to Learn:
1. You get saved by faith.
2. That faith provides you a field to work with. (Kingdom of God field)
3. You have to die to self in order for faith to live.
4. This opportunity comes to us many times a day.
5. We do not have to even have much faith.
6. That seed will grow.
7. Once you release it into the ground you have no control over its growth!

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