The Promise of Eternal Security

“The Promise of Eternal Security”
Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Pastor Dave Clear
John 10:28

1. True sheep listen to, hear the voice of Jesus, and follow HIm when theybelieveon Him.

2. Jesus knows those who are His.

3. Eternal life is a gift given by the Savior.

4. Those who know Him will never perish.

5. Our salvation can never be stolen.

6. The greatness of the Father, is the ground of safety for the sheep.

7. We are doubly secure because we are gripped by the Father and the Son at the same time…

I John 2:25;5:11-13

1. In verse 11, the word “RECORD” is the word for witness.

2. Notice that eternal life begins at the new birth.

3. God wants us to know for certain.

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