The Eye and I of Big Government

“The Eye and I of Big Government”
Weednesday, October 10, 2012
Pastor Dave Clear
Isaiah 9:6; Revelation 13:15-18

1. The origins of government and the original purpose of government

God instituted government to fulfull three purposes for civilization:

  • To protect my person
  • To protect my property
  • To protect my liberties

2. History shows government going beyond these three purposes

3. All of this is headed somewhere

The time when in the Tribulation, the Antichrist controls with a mark.
Three truths about the mark:

  • Received in the right hand or forehead
  • The Antichrist tries to force this mark
  • This brand is described three ways – worship
  1.  We should continue to stand up against government that is going beyond its limited original purpose.
  2. We should expect that government growth and pride will continue to expand on through the reign of the Antichrist.
  3. We should submit to unlawful government as long as we do not have to disobey God.

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