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  • Games Today are against Metro United and Rochester Homeschool Defenders. To view the times, click the following link:
  • Lunch Volunteers are needed at First Baptist School. If you have any questions or would be able to help, please contact Mrs. McCannon at
  • Lunch Calendars for the month of November will be handed out on Monday and need to be returned along with payment by Wednesday, October 24.
  • MACS State Tournamentwill take place next Thursday through Saturday. We have the privilege of hosting this tournament for soccer and volleyball. Please be mindful of the following information:
    • A schedule for the secondary is in place and does include classes throughout the tournament. Students will be able to watch our teams play if this applies to games during the school day.
    • We ask that students not leave the building during school hours during the tournament.
  • Minnesota Marriage Amendment letter and information has been provided by our superintendent, Dr. Dave Clear. This information is attached.
  • The Teachers’ Convention last week was a blessing to the teachers who were able to attend. You can view pictures and a blog article at the following link:
  • The end of the 9 weeks is next Friday, October 26.
  • Pictures were taken Wednesday. If you had a son or daughter who was absent, we will take a picture of them since there is not a retake day scheduled.



First Baptist Church Youth

  • Arena Soccer Activity was held this past Wednesday. View pictures and a blog article at the following link:
  • Men’s Prayer Breakfast is available for all guys tomorrow, October 20 in the gymnasium at 8:30 a.m. A suggested donation of $3 is recommended for each person.
  • Fancy Steak Dinner Night at Farmington Steakhouse in Farmington will be this coming Sunday after the evening service (Oct. 21). This is a high school activity only. Middle school will attend next month. Bring money for your own meal. The bus will leave very shortly after the closing prayer. The menu is attached.
  • An “A” Sunday School Boys’ Activity will be held at the Sullivan Farm on the evening of Saturday, October 27. See Mr. McKay for details.



Article (Written by Ryan Mundy, a 2009 First Baptist School Alumnus)


Politics and Faith Collide in the Month Leading to the 2012 Election

Ryan Mundy, October 15, 2012


First Baptist Church has decided not to remain silent in the months preceding the much anticipated 2012 election, and Mr. Mark Ball was leading the charge, Sunday, saying that government is the protector, not the provider.


“Sometimes when I see the signs around the neighborhoods”, said Ball, “I wonder if there’s anybody who has any sense anymore”. He said that he is thankful for those who understand the times, like the men in 1 Chronicles 12. “I never cease to be amazed how the Bible has a verse for just about everything”, said Ball.


In this presentation, Mr. Ball emphasized the three main institutions given by God, which are the home, the church and the government. The government’s main job is to enforce morality, said Ball, and motivate the people to do good and not to do evil. He even said that the Bible has much to say about this, such as Romans 13, where the role of government is more clearly defined than in any other passage. It’s role is to praise good works, and to punish evil works, according to this chapter.


“Redistribution of wealth discourages people”, said Ball, and encourages those who work to not work anymore. He added examples such as Korah, Saul, and ultimately Lucifer who were punished by God for overstepping and meddling with their roles. This strategy “never works out good”, said Mr. Ball, and “it is human nature to feel that your role is more important than anyone else’s.” It is our job to remind them by voting in each election, he emphasized.


Another popular idea, the size of government, was addressed as well. Ball had six different ways that government can overstep their God-given authority. He said oversized government (1) stifles the priesthood of the believer, (2) becomes a substitute for God, (3) never does as good a job, (4) leaders get drunk with power, (5) eventually goes into debt and levies increasingly oppressive taxes, and (6) ends up not performing their original task.


“When government becomes our provider, then we have it all backwards”, said Ball, “government must take from someone, in order to provide for someone else”. He urged those listening to vote for those candidates that agree with God’s purpose for our government.


This presentation is part of a five-part series by Mr. Mark Ball on Biblical Issues for the 2012 Election. First Baptist Church has also been inviting local candidates of both parties to introduce themselves to the church congregation. Anna Wills, candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives was in attendance as she introduced herself and shared a few words with the church. This series on the 2012 election can be heard on Sunday nights at six o’clock p.m. for the next three weeks as the election draws nearer.

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