Youth Chapel-09.30.12 (Let No Man Despise Thy Youth)

Don’t miss another action-packed Youth Chapel on Sunday, September 30! We are looking forward to a great crowd of young people as Pastor Clear speaks on, “Let No Man Despise Thy Youth.” We came off of a great lesson from Mr. Von Wald this past Sunday with, “Spies Like Us” and an excellent challenge especially to our seniors to be the example they should be for others but a lesson appropriate for all.

Rebecca tries to throw a frisbee through three rings held by three ladies during one of the games played in Youth Chapel on Sunday, September 24.

Before Pastor Clear speaks we will have Little Ceasar’s Pizza and pop, as well as a video presentation of the Homecoming Festivities from Friday, September 21 including pictures from the Yearbook Signing Party, the Pep Rally, the games, the bonfire, and the volleyball afterward, not to mention some great candid pictures throughout the evening. This is a presentation you won’t want to miss. We will not have a game this week because of the presentation but do plan for a game the following week. We also will be entering Missions Emphasis Month in October.

To top it all off – this Sunday evening is Youth Service Night! Don’t miss this important night. Please be in your place at 5:55 p.m. in the choir loft ready to sing. This Sunday is “Harvest Days Sunday.” Let’s try to bring someone today to church. We want to finish our month with a great emphasis on the harvesting of souls for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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