Paintball Youth Activity Update 2012

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For the YouTube version video of the “Civil War” game, click here. (Video is also available below.)

On Saturday, September 8, 2012, First Baptist Church held its annual Paintball youth activity at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Von Wald! Praise the Lord for a beautiful day under partly cloudy skies. The wind was a little strong at times which was evidenced by “the slice” of an ejected paintball swaying left or right straight out of the barrel of our paintball guns!

We praise the Lord for nearly fifty people in attendance. We are grateful for the help of Brother Tim Cunard, Sara Von Wald, Mrs. Graves, Bro. Nate Otterdahl, and especially Mr. and Mrs. Von Wald, who once again opened their home and property for us to “shoot it up.” Mr. and Mrs. Von Wald worked diligently at making their place conducive to a “war zone” with many obstacles for our young people to hide behind to avoid getting pelted by a paintball.

The bus left shortly after 3 p.m., and once we arrived, some enjoyed the zip line while others played on the trampoline as Mr. Von Wald finished getting the last of the paintball guns ready for war. Soon thereafter, everyone prepared their paintball guns, gathered their ammunition, and received their protective face masks!

With equipment secured, and having picked teams and secured our colored arm bands, our first war game included everyone – with the specialty of “Capture the Flag.” The blue and red teams each had a flag they had to secure that was visible to the other team. The young people had a great time with this game, and it worked out very well – this was the first time we had done this for Paintball.

The second game was played by all of the girls; the third game was all of the guys. In our fourth game, we had everyone play, but we did not use the flags. Our fifth and final game was something called Civil War. Mr. Von Wald had the idea of forming two lines about 15 yards apart and have everyone take one shot with their paintball gun. If you were hit, you were out. If you were not hit, you took one step in and then on someone’s mark, once again, you would shoot. This continued until several people from one team evidently were still standing. And on the other side (teams did start with pretty even numbers), Riley was the last girl standing. We did not see the need to announce another opportunity to fire since several from the other side would have taken aim only on her.

We also enjoyed our annual sloppy joe meal complete with chips, pop, pickles, and cookies. The young people were hungry, and we literally fed an army. Get it-army-paintball-military! Yes, you get the point…an army!

Praise the Lord for a safe and wonderful time. And while it was a little windy, we sure praise the Lord for great weather. Thank you to all the chaperones for your help. And to Mr. and Mrs. Von Wald, thank you again so much for the work and effort you put forth each year to make this activity a fun and exciting time for all, not to mention the much-anticipated spirit each year as we always look forward to it!

Next year’s Paintball activity is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 14, 2013.

The video below is taken from the last part of the Paintball youth activity when some of the teenagers (and chaperones) chose to play “Civil War,” a new game Mr. Von Wald wanted to try.

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