“In Case I Didn’t Tell You”

This poem is dedicated to the Class of 2012. There were sixteen members in the class, and they all graduated on Friday, June 1, 2012. While it was sad to see them graduate and have to leave us, I am extremely excited for the future with each of them. What great potential! This poem is dedicated to each member of the Class of 2012!

In Case I Didn’t Tell You

You say it isn’t so, but for college it’s time to go,
Before you leave just yet, there’s this poem for you to get,
You are starting a chapter with life anew, but there’s this thing I need to do,
From the heart of a thankful man, rhyming metre the best I can,
In case I didn’t tell you, from my heart I want to say, “Thank You.”

For every milk ticket punched, your help with a kid’s lunch,
All the nachos that you made, all the fundraising bills paid,
Every can of pop sold, all the senior trip memories you told,
Every part in each play, the encouraging words you say,
Every memorized line, attending second hour at nine;

Chapel songs sung out loud, prayer time when you bowed,
All the seeds that were sown, all the love that was shown,
Every announcement you heard, reports when you counted your words,
All those weekly band lessons, and the PSEO sessions,
Every treat that you brought, for those class parties you sought;

Every volleyball spike, the twenty-mile fundraiser on a bike,
Every sport you have played, every basket you’ve made,
The determination you’ve shown, the trophies you own,
Championships that you’ve won, every drill that you’ve run,
All the blood, sweat, and tears, and overcoming your fears;

All the hours that you’ve studied, the times you helped out a buddy,
Every final exam you took, or a report on a book,
Current events that you did, being student of the week as a kid,
Every verse said before class, all the subjects you passed,
Every instrument that you blew, and the songs that you knew;

Every merit you earned, every fact that you learned,
Demerits you didn’t get, accepting students you met,
Every class showed up on time, no absences to find,
Every grade that you earned, important lessons you’ve learned,
MACS events that you placed, all the nervousness you faced;

Every tear that you shed, every prayer that you led,
Every burden you shared, those elementary clinics – you cared,
Every prayer that you prayed, the wreath at Arlington you laid,
Every chapter you read, every pledge that you said,
In Case I Didn’t Tell You, “Thank You” from my heart.

Charlie J. Graves
For the Class of 2012
First Baptist School
Rosemount, Minnesota

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