10 Myths About Friendship

We often believe some common ideas about friendship, ideas we strongly may feel are right because of how we are programmed to think or even our own upbringing and experiences. But the realities of comparing our own philosophy to biblical principles can be quite different. Here are ten myths that deal with the subject of friendship.

  1. You need the friendship of a popular person. True friendship has nothing to do with social class or how someone compares to another person. The only foundation you build seeking the friendship of popular people is the root of your own pride. There is no respecter of persons with God.
  2. A true friend will let you do whatever you want. True spiritual friendship means you protect each other from the attacks of the Devil as well as build each other up in the Lord. A godly friend cares for the spiritual well-being of another. These principles are evident in Hebrews 13:17 and Proverbs 17:17.
  3. Popular people who are stuck on themselves have a lot of friends. In relationships, someone who puts on a front or pretends to be someone he is not will never compare spiritually to those people who are genuine, have godly character, and show the right kind of love. God will honor and bless those that seek godly relationships.
  4. If you cannot get along with someone, then just ignore them. This philosophy is not taught in the Bible. Ignoring your problems in relationships often parallels the attitude of ignoring problems in life, also.
  5. Your friends have the answers about life and all major decisions. While a spiritual friend can be a help and encouragement to you, it is not likely that your high school friends have all of the answers in life. It is wise to seek the counsel of your parents and pastor.
  6. Your friends should only be in same-gender and same-age group circles. Learn to be an appropriate friend to a member of the opposite gender. Be friendly to all age groups both young and old.
  7. If a friend brings you down spiritually, you can still handle being close to them. Peer pressure is incredibly strong. No matter how strong you think you are, you do not need the help of someone who will pull you down spiritually. You may have to “draw a line in the sand” when it comes to choosing godly friends.
  8. You must have a best friend. While there may be no harm in having a best friend, there is harm in believing you have to have one. There is harm in the things you will do and the great lengths to which you will go to get that friend. God ought to always be your best Friend.
  9. To have a friend, you must be exclusive. Friendship was not created by God so we could be exclusive and jump from one person to the next like a fad or a tool to use people to get what we want. The ability to be a godly friend to many people and have many people count you as a godly friend speaks to a person’s spiritual character and life.
  10. True friendships are only sustained in groups or cliques. Some people are so cliquish, that their motto is, “Us two, and not you.” or “It’s only us three, don’t you see.” or “Us four, no more.” As Christians we should constantly show kindness and love toward others by including people to help and encourage them, not discourage them by being cliquish.

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