Prayer and Healing

“Prayer and Healing”
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Pastor Dave Clear
James 5

1. Where Does Sickness Come From?

  • Sickness is a result of the fall.

2. Is it God’s Will to Remove Sickness from Everybody?

  • Yes – for everybody some day
  • No – for everybody right now

3. What about Medicine and Doctors?

  • Both are okay now

4. What Does James 5 Teach Us?

  • This is a serious illness.
  • The sick person initiates.
  • It is to be the elders of your local church.
  • And the elders are to pray over him.
  • And now, the elders pray.
  • And the prayer of faith shall save the sick.
  • And there is anointing with oil.


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