Paintball Youth Activity Scheduled for Sept. 10, 2011

Teenagers, don’t miss our annual Paintball Youth Activity at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Von Wald. The activity will be held on Saturday, September 10, 2011. The bus will leave at 3 p.m. Please dress appropriately for the activity. Your gun, face mask, and ammunition are included in the price of the activity. The cost is $15 per person. This also includes supper as well. If you want to attend the activity but ONLY eat with us, then the cost is $5. If you have your own equipment for paintball, the cost will be $10.

There is a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center. Please be sure to sign the sheet. Mr. Graves will go off of this sheet on Saturday afternoon just before we board the bus and leave. If you sign up and cannot make it, please let Mr. Graves know. We look to be back in Rosemount at approximately 6:15 p.m. Ladies will be competing against ladies only, and guys will only compete with guys during this activity. You may pay for this activity right before we board the bus in the front parking lot (south side) of the church.

If you are interesting in seeing last year’s pictures, click here. If you would like to read about the activity from last year, click here!

And if you’re not sure if you were one of the 48 that attended, you can click here for the story on the Paintball activity from 2009. For pictures from 2009, click here! We trust you will attend and have a great time with your friends!

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