FBS Homecoming 2011

On Friday, September 23, 2011, First Baptist School of Rosemount held its annual Homecoming Festivities. Our school enjoyed a Pep Rally at 2:00 p.m. to close out the school day. Our pep band started out the rally, led by Miss Cyndi Clear, our band teacher. They entertained the school for several minutes before Mrs. Tidrick led the school in our school song.

After this, Mr. Graves announced the lineups for both our defending MACS State Volleyball Champions and our varsity soccer team. One by one each team member was introduced as well as the coaches. We then had a contest to see who would win the spirit stick. In the elemntary, the fifth grade class was victorious in shouting the loudest. For the secondary, the seniors won the spirit stick! This was their first win for the spirit stick.

Following the pep rally, we took a junior high team picture, and the we had a 3:30 junior high game, a 3:30 varsity soccer game, a 4:30 junior varsity volleyball game, a 5:00 junior varsity soccer game, and a 5:30 varsity volleyball game. The results for the games are as follows: Varsity ladies volleyball won 3-1. The junior varsity volleyball team won also with a score of 2-0. Our junior high girls’ team lost some close games with the score 1-2. The varsity soccer team won 1-0. Nakwon had the only goal in the game.

Following the last game of the varsity volleyball match, we took all of the high school students out to Farmington at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Brent Mellett. Upon arrival, Mrs. Mellett was just finishing the cooking of the hot dogs. On an incredibly beautiful evening, we enjoyed the time around the bonfire with testimonies, and food as well as a challenge by Pastor Anaya. He spoke on the snares or traps of the devil that oftentimes trip us up.

We came back to the school afterward and played some volleyball. Thank you to all the young people who attended this years homecoming festivities. What a wonderful time we had.

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