Instructions for Sr. Graduation Announcements

Instructions for Sr. Graduation Announcements
First Baptist School, Rosemount, Minnesota

by Charlie J. Graves, April 20, 2010

A PDF handout of this information is available by clicking here.

  1. The senior class votes on the style of the graduation announcement several months in advance.
  2. We specifically have each senior try on their cap and gown to make sure everything fits appropriately.
  3. There is a time during the school year where parents may purchase the many items associated with graduation. Jostens offers a catalog for parents and seniors to look at and order.
  4. Graduation announcements are purchased through Jostens, or they may be printed by computer. While we are sensitive to cost, it is our preference that announcements be purchased through Jostens for some of the following reasons: 1) “Homemade” computer announcements are generally never as professional as a commercially-printed announcement, which includes first-class color matching, raised lettering, and notches for name cards. 2) Proofing a “homemade” announcement is at the discretion of an outside source. 3) There may be certain specific instructions that are not adhered to when an announcement is printed on computer. If you feel you must print your own announcements, please contact the administrator for further information far in advance of graduation.
  5. Be sure to make a list of people you want to send a graduation announcement to. These are usually close friends and family members both in state and out of state.
  6. If your church allows, you may consider posting a graduation announcement on your church bulletin board letting the general membership know they are invited to your graduation. You may be allowed to have the announcement listed in your church bulletin as well a few weeks in advance. This will save from having to purchase a large quantity of announcements to send to everyone in your church. It is understood that close friends and family within your church membership may receive an announcement from you.
  7. Announcements generally come in packages or increments of 25 from Jostens.
  8. The graduation announcements use a two-envelope system (a smaller and larger envelope).
  9. Include your open house card (which announces your open house and the information) and picture (optional) inside your announcement.
  10. When ordering name cards from Jostens, the full name of the graduate is generally listed on the card, but this is at your discretion.
  11. Do not forget to place your name card in the slot that is pre-cut on your announcement. Do this before mailing your announcements.
  12. Place your graduation announcement inside the smaller envelope. Since you may have an open house card and a picture (optional) in the announcement, place the announcement in the envelope with the fold (of the announcement) down (or first). This will ensure the inside information does not fall to the bottom of the envelope and could get lost pulling out the announcement.
  13. Be informal with your title on the inside envelope by writing informal titles such as the following:  Grandpa, grandma, Aunt Jane, or Uncle John. These informal titles can be handwritten on the inside (smaller) envelope
  14. Place the smaller envelope inside the larger envelope.
  15. Do not lick the inside envelope. (You can simply fold the flap of the smaller envelope inside itself before doing this.)
  16. Use black ink for writing on the outer envelope. Write neatly and legibly.
  17. You may use a computerized label for the outer envelope.
  18. Address the outer envelope and be formal (Mr. and Mrs. John Doe) using the family’s full address. Include your return address also.
  19. Mail one month in advance of your graduation.
  20. Be sure to write thank you cards for all gifts. There may be people who send you a gift but are not able to make your graduation or open house. Remember to send them a thank you note as well.
  21. For an open house announcement, always check to be sure your information is accurate. You may include directions or a map, but it is optional as most people will use the internet if they do not know where you live.

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