This Kind

“This Kind”
Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Pastor Dave Clear
Matthew 17: 19-21

Some folks are tough cases. Jesus called them “this kind.”

Following WWI, Lawrence of Arabia brought several of the sheiks who fought with him in the desert to London. On the last night, he told them he would give them anything they wanted to take back to the deserts of Arabia. They went to their room and asked for faucets to bring back that would give them water. They didn’t understand that the faucets were hooked up to a water supply behind the wall.

And such it is with our soul winning! We are faucets, but Jesus has an unlimited source of power (like water), and what we need to do is tap into it!

There are only two things that hinder God:

1. A lack of a vessel
2. When we allow a blockage in the line or our vessel

Our story in Matthew 17: Jesus and the disciples came down off the Mount of Transfiguration. A man with a demon-possessed son met them. The disciples tried to cast out the demon, but failed. Jesus came and corrected the disciples and told them, “This kind cometh forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting”

In other words, your faucet needs to be connected to the water main!

God wants to save souls. He wants to use our body, but let’s use His power!

How do we get that? Two words: prayer and fasting.

It is exactly what Christ experienced in John 4; He fasted or feasted on power from on high. Fasting is feasting! We have the faucet. Let’s get hooked up to the water main.

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