Junior and Junior High Camp Report 2010

First Baptist Church plans and organizes a week of camp held up north at Camp Jim in Brainerd, Minnesota each August. This post gives a summary of a great week with our junior and junior high young people. A special thank you to Brother Austen for his partial journaling and sharing his updates.

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Click here to view the update from camp back in 2009.

After driving about three and a half hours, we finally arrived at Camp Jim! We drove three buses, one for guys, one for girls, and one for all the luggage. Upon arrival the campers received their cabin assignments, learned the rules, and then enjoyed an incredible dinner of none other than Bro. Austen’s favorite…Little Caesars! We had a great first evening service with the campers enjoying a time of singing and the beginning of a weeklong skit provided by our own hilarious skit crew led by Bro. Erik! After a beautiful special sung by Miss Miriam Ronne, Bro. Austen came and preached a message entitled “Getting Ready for the Battle”. He encouraged the young people to be like David who as he was getting ready to face Goliath had to do two things to get ready:

  • He had to make sure he had weapons he was familiar with. Bro. Austen challenged the young people to make sure they were familiar with their spiritual weapons, the Bible and prayer.
  • David had to remember Who he needed with him in the battle in order to win.

Bro. Austen challenged the young people to not forget to enlist the help of their Captain each and every day. We had young people make some decisions on this first night, one in particular is a young lady receiving Christ as her Savior afterward in her cabin. Praise the Lord! It’s been a great start so far. May God continue to do great things throughout the rest of this week.

What a great day from start to finish on the first full day of camp! The day started with everyone meeting for pledges and devotions and then going on to enjoy a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and bacon. The morning chapels are divided into Junior and Junior High and this morning Bro. Erik preached to the juniors while Bro. Austen preached to the junior high. The young people have had the opportunity to hear from Bro. Erik about missionary William Carey this week during the Missionary Story time, and it is during that time that Pastor Clear and Bro. Austen have the much-coveted position of “Cabin Inspectors” this year.

The afternoon was filled with games and activities for the young people including things such as archery, BB gun shooting, canoeing, and swim time. The young people also have the opportunity to access their creative side with designing t-shirts, doing crafts, and learning how to make ice cream with Mrs. Mellett! God blessed the evening service as the campers enjoyed and got involved in several specials, enjoyed yet another episode from the skit crew, and then listened as Bro. Austen delivered a message entitled “Where is Your Heart?” Using the passage in Proverbs 23:26, “My son, give me thine heart…”, Bro. Austen challenged the campers to give God their heart, and he gave three reasons why God wanted to have their hearts:

  • God wants to have your heart because He knows if He can have your heart He can guide your life.
  • God wants to have your heart because He knows if He can have your heart He can mold your life.
  • God wants to have your heart because He knows if He can have your heart He can bless your life.

Many young people came to the altar afterwards as God moved in their hearts. One highlight on decisions for this evening was that after returning to their cabins for the evening, another young lady received Christ as her Savior! Two salvations for the week so far…it’s made everything worth it! Praise the Lord for a great Tuesday at Camp Jim!

The week continued with this type of fun and enthusiasm not only in activities but in the heartfelt preaching of Bro. Taylor and the godly decisions that were made. Camp is a wonderful time for young people to get away from everything and focus on the preaching and some alone time in God’s Word.

August 8-12, 2011 are the dates for Camp Jim next year. You don’t want to miss an exciting time!

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