10 Habits of Highly-Successful Students

Students seeking to have a successful year do so on purpose. They make conscientious decisions that will ensure a God-honoring year. Here is a list of ten habits that young people can develop to become successful.

1. They will seek to walk with God. The number one priority in all of our lives should be our devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ. Young people must overcome the idea that being a good Christian is only for adults or only for a certain group of people such as parents, teachers, and pastors. If you know Christ as your Saviour, you should seek to read your Bible and pray each day. Make this your first priority as you claim the promises in God’s Word.

2. They will prepare for everything. Life is about preparation. From studying for a final exam to setting your school items by the door the night before to preparing to play in a championship game, preparation takes time. And time is what you need to take. Working in the present to prepare yourself is wise for the future. Living “at the last minute” by doing your homework during lunch or on the way to school creates undue pressure. Prepare for what is ahead. You will have a successful year doing so.

3. They will listen in class. One of the most obvious, but missed, concepts for success is this very fact of listening in class. Some may suppose good grades are built on cramming for tests, completing last minute work, and figuring out what to know for a test or quiz. There is no substitute for listening to the teacher, however. Students can retain much more by listening to what the teacher says and staying focused on the task at hand.

4. They will be on time. To be successful, you need to be on time for every appointment and responsibility. Your success depends on it. People who are late miss much, and they often do not realize it because they are not there. Do your best to be on time for everything.

5. They will be present. Being absent creates much more work for yourself, not to mention trying to reclaim what you have missed. While there are legitimate reasons for not being present for a class at times, making it a priority to be present is important. Far too often, students cut class, miss due to a lack of sleep, are absent the morning after a game, or simply ‘don’t-feel-like-it.’ The greatest ability if availability.

6. They use time wisely. God gives each of us twenty-four hours a day. How we spend every minute of this time is important. You need to make full use of study halls and free time when it is given to you. There are many things with which we are able to “waste” time. And while we most certainly can enjoy many things in life, we still must keep our priorities right before God.

7. They tell others about Christ. While this may seem an item not related to school, the Bible very clearly states that he that winneth souls is wise. You cannot win souls if you do not make the attempt. And making the attempt is the effort to win people. God stated it as directly and as plainly as He could. Do you want wisdom? Tell others about Christ. Be a soul-conscious individual.

8. They will follow a schedule. Successful people are who they are because of schedule. The discipline and character it takes to do what you are supposed to be doing at the appropriate time is important. Schedule homework. Schedule time with God. Schedule fun time. Schedule family time. If it needs to be accomplished, then schedule it, and it will get done. This is where sleep is an important factor. YOUNG PEOPLE NEED SLEEP. And scheduling the proper amount where you actually are sleeping is important. Since the lack of sleep affects our mood, spirit, and concentration, this is a priority.

9. They are teachable. You would think that school is a place for learning. But that is not the approach of every student. Students are at school not only to learn facts and receive knowledge, but a teachable spirit is a must for students to be successful. You need an attitude where you are eager to learn, and receive gladly a godly influence from those over you. A know-it-all student will stunt his own growth for learning just as an athlete will limit his contribution to his team when he refuses to heed a coach’s instruction.

10. They understand and obey godly authority. Joshua 1:8 gives us a clear direction of success. We are to do all that God has commanded us to do. If you cannot obey, how can you expect to receive God’s blessing on your life? Your success is largely based on your complete recognition of authority and the obedience to that authority in your life.

These habits also relate to each of us as adult Christians. According to II Timothy 2:15, we are all students (or should be) of God’s Word. Will you have a successful year as a student? Will you also be successful as a student of God’s Word?

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