Youth Service Night Held July 11, 2010

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On Sunday night, July 11, 2010, the youth group at First Baptist Church of Rosemount had a great time serving the Lord during our Youth Service Night. Michael opened the service in prayer after our first congregational. Jaclyn, Ashley, Bethany, Heather, and Vikki sang the first special following prayer. This was the song that they will be singing at the First Baptist Church of Hammond Youth Conference competition.

Casey prayed for the offering, and then Angelina played the offertory which was “This Is My Father’s World.” We had a full crew of ushers who helped take the offering and greet others as they came in. They also took the second offering after the Lord’s supper was completed.

It was a blessing to see Jeff lead our youth choir. This is the first time that we have had a teenager lead the youth choir for Youth Service Night. Jeff did a great job, and the young people enjoyed having him lead. The youth choir sang, “Glory to His Name.” Angelina played for the choir.

Kelsey did a wonderful job and sang a solo for the second special. Following her solo, Nakwon preached his first sermon in a Sunday evening service and did a great job. God used his message, and it was a real blessing to many.

Karla and Breanna were scheduled to greet before the service started. Scott was the head usher, and Daniel was the head of security. Angelina was also involved as the church pianist throughout the service. Teenagers, we’re pleased that many of you are growing in your service to the Lord.

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