Thank You

It sure is the time to say a “Thank You,”
A phrase that’s so small, but it’s for all that you do.
This poem is a bit different, please let me explain,
The words in this poem, I hope not in vain.

I just want to thank you in a big way an all,
But this poem is about “Thank you’s” that are quite “small”.
Specific little “Thank you’s”, yes, now it is time,
The little thoughts in poetry to make it a rhyme.

Thanks for every minute of practice, in the sports that you play,
Championships you have won, because of the price that you pay.
Every clap as a cheerleader, every step done in sequence,
Trying to get it all right, cheering through offense and defense.

Appreciate you listening when in chapel we preach,
Want to thank you for those clinics, elementary kids that you teach.
Thank you for being there, in opening where you sit,
Another day come and gone, and you didn’t quit.

Thanks for raising money, and for every dollar you gain,
Every minute in concessions, a schedule from Mr. Cain.
With all the MACS events, thanks for times that you went,
All the time out of class and the practice you spent.

Thanks for bearing burdens, when nobody knew,
For being on your knees, ‘cuz the one hurting was you.
For every devotion you’ve had, for how spiritual you’ve grown,
And people you’ve led to Christ, for every seed that is sown.

Thanks for staying protected, we’ve had some close calls,
Car accidents and problems, God watches over us all.
I know it’s not easy, all the burdens that you’ve had,
Thank you for the love that you’ve shown mom and dad.

Appreciate all the spirit weeks, those point slips turned in,
It showed you’re involved, because you worked for the win.
Every time you came forward, and made your decision,
God spoke to your heart, you were challenged with a mission.

Now go out from here, make something of your life,
Raise a family and love them, be a godly husband or wife.
Serve God forever, we’ll rejoice with you for sure,
Though big and small, I thank you and love you in spite of it all.

All this appreciation seems so little, but from my heart I did dig,
The “Thank you’s” that are small, well, they’re actually big.
Because I do love you, and prayed for you on bended knee,
Live for God and remember, big and small “Thank You’s” are from me.

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