FBC’s Vacation Bible Time 2010

111 Young People Saved; Average Attendance is 583

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Photos at end of post: Courtesy Stephen Helder

First Baptist Church of Rosemount conducted its annual Vacation Bible Time on June 21-25, 2010. VBT is held each night from 6:30 p.m. to 8:40 p.m. Monday through Friday. We operated seven (7) bus routes each night to pick up children. First Baptist Church loves kids, and it is evidenced by hosting the single biggest weeklong event for children’s outreach with our Vacation Bible Time Ministry.

On Saturday, June 12, 2010, our church conducted a Super Soul Winning Saturday literature blitz. Bro. Austen Taylor, our Soul Winning and Visitation Director, led this event and in the days that followed, over 13,000 brochures were distributed by the people from First Baptist Church. Our goal was to get the word out in our community, especially along many of our bus route stops, and let people know about our new theme this year, “The Wild West.” We rotate our theme every two years, and this was the first year of our theme.

Pastor Clear, our senior pastor, conducted several meetings with various heads of responsibilities and a committee on VBT. This year proved special with the addition of various thoughts, ideas, games, etc. that previously we did not have. Mini donuts were delicious and were available this year to the children. We set up a tent for VBT as well. We paid for some advertising this year to have thousands of more brochures distributed not just by hand, but to try and saturate our area. Our coordinated Super Soul Winning Saturday was a success. Our teenagers enjoyed outside carnival time from Tuesday through Friday.

A special thank you to the following people who headed up their respective areas: Pastor Clear (VBT director), John Walls (teachers), Nancy Foster (nursery), Kel Abram (outside worker director), Julia Graves (beginners), Charlie Graves (skits), Brent Mellett (advertising), Henry Waddell (security), Ron & Joyce Breyette (personal work), Angie Olson (verse hearers), Austen Taylor (youth), Steve Helder (building and grounds), and Lowell Nibbe (our head bus mechanic). We are grateful for Bro. Roy Sullivan who allowed us the use of his trailer for the hayrides.

Our skit crew consisted of Brian Larson (sheriff), Charlie Graves (his sidekick), Judy Ball and Cheryl Douglas (bank robbers), Dan Kuykendall and Abel Miranda (actors), John Turner (director), and Leah Kuykendall (the town “bum”), and Ethan and Randal Larson (our town checker players). Within the skit, we shot “A Western Movie” throughout the week. Charlie Graves (his character named Slim), who interrupted the movie shoot twice on Monday and Tuesday, came in on Wednesday determined to stay quiet and not interrupt. Trying to not be a distraction, he witnessed the “real bank robbery” right before his eyes, and then found out afterward it was not a movie shoot, but not before the robbers got away. Our two ladies eventually found out that robbing a bank does not pay as they were caught on Friday night. A love story ensued throughout the week with one of the actors and his real-life wife (playing the bum) getting married on Friday. Brian turned his badge over to his sidekick because a telegraph from the East side of Texas indicated he had a courtroom he needed to testify in as soon as possible. His authority was transferred over to the very inexperienced Slim who had dreamed of being a sheriff but wasn’t so sure he now wanted to be since the robbers were on the loose. Our skit time was approximately 10 minutes each night. The skit crew performed three (3) skits each evening: one for the junior age, one for the primary age, and one for the teenagers.

To say a lot of work was put into Vacation Bible Time almost seems like an understatement. With dozens of bus workers hitting the buses by 4 to 4:30 p.m., then coming to work at VBT at 6:30 p.m. and then dropping kids off and getting back at 10:30 to 11 p.m. each night, work was a word we all became very familiar with.

Praise the Lord for some amazing results. God blessed Vacation Bible Time for 2010 in a real way. We give God the glory for what He has done. Consider what God allowed to be accomplished during this week:

  • The average attendance each night was 583.
  • The average bus attendance for each night was 284. We had many, many drive-ins also.
  • There were 111 salvation decisions.
  • Our overall attendance was up 35% from last year.
  • Our overall bus attendance was up 32% from last year.
  • Our salvation decisions were up 85% from last year.
  • There were 5 assurance of salvation decisions.

Here were the bus routes that picked up children for VBT this year:

  • Bus 3 Red, captained by Pastor David Anaya:  This is our bus route for the Spanish people which covered the surrounding area.
  • Bus 4 Red, captained by Mason Johnson:  This bus route covers Rosemount and Farmington.
  • Bus 5 Red, captained by Bruce Winchester:  This route covered Eagan and Apple Valley.
  • Bus 5 Green, captained by Bruce Winchester (Bro. Keith White assisted Bruce Winchester this week):  This route helped cover Eagan and Apple Valley also.
  • Bus 7 Red, captained by Pastor Clear:  This bus route covers St. Paul.
  • Bus 7 Green, captained by Austen Taylor:  This bus route also covers St. Paul.
  • Bus 13 Red, captained by Erik McKay:  This bus route covers the Minneapolis area.

Some of our bus routes split up into two routes during our VBT week. We praise the Lord for this important ministry at First Baptist Church. Thank God for faithful bus workers.

On Friday night, the forecast for weather called for storms. There was a torrential downpour of rain accompanied with lightning and strong winds. This happened during VBT. Praise the Lord the storm passed before we dismissed the young people to the buses. We had to move the games into the gymnasium. The gymnasium program was moved to the auditorium for this evening only.

In the Sunday evening service after our Vacation Bible Time week, Pastor Clear asked for testimonies about how God worked throughout the week. Several people gave some great testimonies about personal work or how much they enjoyed the special week. God was good to us during this week, and for this we are grateful. There was an 11-minute video presentation shown in church as well. Pictures were taken throughout the week, and we wanted to show the church family the various aspects of the work in VBT.

Next year will once again be our “Wild West” theme. Vacation Bible Time for First Baptist Church is scheduled for Monday, June 20 – Friday, June 24, 2011. Vacation Bible Time will be held on June 18-22, 2012. In the year 2012 we will have a new theme.

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  1. Vikki says:

    Praise God for a wonderful week! I can’t wait till next year!

  2. The time goes fast, that’s for sure. It was a great week!

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