10 Frustrations Colleagues Have with Each Other in Ministry

The Bible says in I Peter 5:7, “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” No matter what the problem, frustration, trial, obstacle, or predicament, God already knew about it, He understands it, and He can help us through it. God is our outlet for whatever may be happening in our lives. This means, as our Heavenly Father, we have access to Him to help us meet needs and overcome frustrations and problems. That access allows us to cast our care on Him. This specifically includes our frustrations. Everyone at one time or another has become frustrated with a particular individual.

While our frustrations are real and legitimate, we know we have a structure of authority we can come to. We also know with self-examination as servants, we should not hinder the work of Christ by being a frustration to others. Many of these common frustrations within ministry are listed below.

1. Frustrations occur when a colleague does not plan or prepare for their responsibilities. We must be fair to the people we serve. You are part of a team; do your job well. People who effectively minister to others prepare a plan, and then they work the plan.

2. Frustrations occur when a colleague is sloppy or non-commital about ministry outside of school. We should give God our best and be our best in worship and service together in the same local church.

3. Frustrations occur when a colleague thinks he has the answers for everything. Think about how a team ministry is hurt and opportunities are stifled when a person shows an unwillingness to be teachable. Do not be a know-it-all. Much like the Word of God, the more we study, the more we realize how much we do not know. The more we serve, the more we should realize our capacity and opportunity for improvement.

4. Frustrations occur when a colleague demonstrates inconsistency. Let us not expect more from our students than what we are willing to do ourselves. 

5. Frustrations occur when a colleague does not have the philosophy of the pastor or will not follow his instructions. The pastor needs us to be his extension, not be a dissension. Follow biblical pastoral leadership.

6. Frustrations occur when a colleague is not professional. The ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ ought to be done in a professional manner.

7. Frustrations occur when a colleague is inconsistent with enforcing rules and policies and is not able to maintain discipline in the classroom. You must recognize the rules and policies and enforce them using discretion and wisdom. An undisciplined child in the classroom will not learn much.

8. Frustrations occur when a colleague has his own agenda and is not a team player. Every organization or ministry has a mission or goal to accomplish. Are you a part in helping the cause or are you an island to yourself?

9. Frustrations occur when a colleague hurts the spirit of parents, other colleagues, or students by their behavior or personality. Your speech, mannerisms, behavior, and personality all send a message to others at all times. Learn to be pleasant and not have the personality of sandpaper. Gentleness, love, meekness, and an enthusiastic spirit about your ministry overall is more valuable than you think. You can offend and hurt more people than you encourage if you are not led by the Holy Spirit.

10. Frustrations occur when a colleague is consistently negative. This attitude creates problems in many areas. There is always a bright side to serving God and being part of the ministry. May God help us within all of our own negativity to find it.

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