Senior Trip Guidelines

Senior Trip Guidelines
First Baptist School, Rosemount, Minnesota
by Charlie J. Graves

  1. Students attending the senior trip are subject to all rules indicated within the handbook. The senior trip is considered a school function (activity). School rules are still in effect and demerits may still be given.
  2. Your behavior and conduct at all times is expected to be above reproach and show a proper testimony as you represent your parents, your family, and your Saviour.
  3. Students expecting to attend the senior trip must raise all the required funds. If a student does not have enough money, the difference must be paid before the start of the trip. The deadline will be announced.
  4. Students are to abide by all dress code rules and follow the schedule given to them for the trip.
  5. Cell phones are encouraged, but not required on the trip. You are expected to have in your possession your cell phone and have it charged to receive phone calls in case you need to be contacted.
  6. Inappropriate pictures taken by a cell phone camera or regular camera, as well as pictures taken and sent via any medium (email, etc.), are forbidden. This could be a cause for dismissal from the senior trip.
  7. Inappropriate griping and complaining toward anyone via email, text messaging, or by cell phone during the trip is not appropriate. If you have a problem or concern, see the person who is overseeing the trip.
  8. There will be no ordering of pay-per-view programs or movies in hotel rooms.
  9. Throughout the senior trip, it will be announced where and when to meet for several different activities. You are asked to be on time. Being late takes other people’s time.
  10. iPods, individual CD players or MP3 players of any kind are not allowed.
  11. Electronic games that are appropriate and approved prior to the trip are allowed for travel.
  12. Video games can be played during senior trip but must be approved by the administration. See the person in charge for approval.
  13. Movies can be watched during the senior trip but must be approved by the administration.  See the person in charge for approval.
  14. Articles of clothing other than those either provided by the school or your school uniform must be approved prior to the trip.
  15. A male or female may not sit next to each other on the bus in the same set of seats.
  16. You are expected to abide by all posted instructions and laws as a tourist during the senior trip (and especially in Washington DC).
  17. You are expected to stay with the group when it is time to do so. Not keeping up could cause us to fall behind schedule, miss a tour, miss a timed crosswalk, or miss the metro.
  18. You are expected at all times to secure your ID cards, your spending money, and your metro transit ticket. First Baptist School is not responsible for lost or stolen items. An effort will be made to help you in a situation at your expense.
  19. Any activities by the class or a group of people on hotel property or otherwise should be appropriate and proper with consideration for other people such as noise levels, etc.  We have built an excellent reputation with these hotels, and we want to maintain that reputation.
  20. During senior trip activities, a group is defined as at least two people of the same gender.
  21. Male and female students are not allowed in the same hotel room under any circumstances except when having class devotions led by the person overseeing the trip.
  22. Each night a “lights out” time will be announced. You are expected to abide by this rule. No one is to leave their hotel room after the announced time, unless permission from the person overseeing the trip is granted..
  23. Practical jokes are humor at someone else’s expense; therefore, no practical jokes are allowed.
  24. The Bible and its principles are your rules and guidelines for what you watch on TV in your hotel room.
  25. You are expected to maintain an orderly room during your hotel stay.
  26. You are expected to lock and secure your hotel room at all times.
  27. When swimming is allowed at different times for each gender, a specific time for it will be announced.  You are expected to stay in the designated area. If others of the opposite gender are using the pool, your privilege to swim is forfeited.
  28. Your attention is expected and appreciated during tours where a tour guide is in use and is instructing us or giving us information.
  29. Failure to comply by any of these guidelines may result in demerits, loss of privileges or being sent home from the senior trip. The administration reserves the right to determine whether a student’s spirit fits within the purpose of the senior trip, and may be dismissed from the trip at the parents’ expense if a student does not comply.

What to bring on senior trip:

  • (You are allowed one large suitcase and one carry-on bag)
  • Bible
  • Proper photo ID
  • Food money (will be given to you the morning we leave)
  • Spending money (optional)
  • 2 sets of school uniforms
  • 2 sets of polos provided for you
  • 1 T-shirt provided for you
  • Swimsuit
  • Hosiery and underclothes
  • Approved pants (guys) and skirts (ladies)
  • Approved tops
  • Approved comfortable dressy outfit for Sunday (ladies)
  • Approved dress pants, dress shirt and tie (men) – no suitcoat
  • Dress shoes (comfortable)
  • Comfortable walking tennis shoes
  • Pillow (especially for sleep during travel), but this is optional
  • Camera
  • Watch (if you do not have a cell phone)
  • Memory-type book (optional – may want to write about the trip)
  • Hygiene products
  • Sunblock (if needed)
  • Umbrella (mini-type that can fit in a suitcase)
  • Something to do during travel and keep you busy
  • Appropriate reading book, appropriate electronic games, appropriate card games, snacks, etc.

What NOT to bring on senior trip:

  • Bad spirit or bad attitude (Much preparation and fundraising have gone into this trip. Work at keeping a good spirit.)
  • Clothes that have NOT been approved
  • Games and movies that have NOT been approved
  • iPods or MP3 players, CD players
  • Sleeping bag
  • Uncomfortable shoes
  • More than one suitcase
  • Large carry on item
  • Your own personal cooler for cold drink items
  • Bad attitude
  • Complaining spirit
  • Towels

NOTE:  Your food expense is $150 for the week.  There are 8 free morning meals (complimentary breakfast).  There are exactly 17 meals during the trip, not including the Saturday night you come back.  Spend your money wisely.  There will be a mixture of fast food as well as sit-down restaurants.

First Baptist School is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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