Helpful Ideas for Parents & Graduates at the Open House Celebration

Helpful Ideas for Parents & Graduates at the Open House Celebration
First Baptist School, Rosemount, Minnesota

by Charlie J. Graves, April 20, 2010

A PDF handout of this information is available by clicking here.

  1. The open house celebration is a wonderful time to honor a graduating senior for his or her accomplishment on completing high school.
  2. Open houses are normally scheduled just after graduation on the same weekend because family is normally in town. The most popular time is the day after graduation (Friday). Some open houses are scheduled on Sunday afternoon, the following weekend as well as graduation night after the commencement exercises.
  3. Open houses generally last at least three hours in duration. This generally gives people ample time to be able to attend and celebrate with you. The longer the open house time, the more difficult it is to attend other classmate’s open houses. This is a personal decision on your part.
  4. Open houses can be held at many of the following locations: your residence (most popular), community centers, churches, parks, etc. Remember to consider the weather when making your plans.
  5. Open house times can run as early as a late morning time to later in the evening. Popular times seem to be mid afternoon and early evening.
  6. Once your open house location, date, and times are confirmed, please let the school office know. This information will be available in the insert in the graduation program.
  7. Please be sure to give the school the following: open house invitation and an appropriate senior picture (picture optional). We will post this information on the church and school bulletin board for the entire month of May. We would like this information as early as May 1.
  8. Pray much for your open house (for good weather and for everything to go well).
  9. Graduates should dress appropriately. This is an important and special event in the life of a graduating senior. It is suggested you follow your alma mater’s dress code. It is not appropriate to dress worldly, provocatively, or sloppily.
  10. Men: Dress like a successful graduate. For example, it may not be necessary to wear a suit unless you would like to. On the other hand, it would be inappropriate to wear sweatpants and an old t-shirt. For a guy, we suggest that khakis and a polo shirt be a MINIMUM example of appropriate attire. And make sure that your clothes are neat and clean.
  11. Ladies: For a lady, it is suggested you also follow your alma mater’s dress code. Modesty is important. Especially for the young ladies, we believe it would be appropriate to avoid the “5 too’s”: too tight, too low cut, too short, too faddish, too revealing. We want this to be a wonderful time for you and your family. We are so proud of you, and look forward to helping you complete this important step in your life!
  12. When you greet people, shake their hand firmly and look them in the eye. Thank them for coming.
  13. Your breath should be fresh.
  14. Do not chomp on gum the whole time.
  15. Greet your visitors.
  16. Get around and visit with people, but be mindful to stay near the door as you are looking for other visitors.
  17. Have a quick, but informative answer when people ask you what you plan on doing after high school. Lord-willing, you will not be saying, “I have no idea.”
  18. Remember, you are an adult now. Act like one.
  19. Have your home ready. Parents will help with this.
  20. Thank people for attending.
  21. Think before you speak.
  22. Be kind and cordial. These people do not have to come.
  23. When you open your gifts and graduation cards later, write down the amount given and who the gift was from.
  24. It can be helpful to have a visitor sign-in to keep track of who attended your open house.
  25. Do not spend a lot of time with just your friends. This is not the time to hide down in the basement and play video games. People have come to visit you, the graduate.
  26. Write thank you notes! The notes should come from YOU. Be timely about your thank you notes. Do not wait a long time on this.
  27. Congratulations on a successful open house! After your open house ends, remember this is just the beginning. May God bless you as you continue to prepare for what God wants you to do.

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