My Idea of a Great Teacher

Some time ago, a teacher asked her high school students what their perspective was on “My Idea of a Great Teacher.” If you are involved in education whether in church or school ministry, or you are a parent or deal with young people, take a good look at this list and do a self-examination. In no particular order, these are the answers from everyday students when asked about what their idea of a great teacher was.

1. Educated in their subject
2. Organized in their procedures
3. Control of the classroom – enforces rules
4. Challenges the student to reach his potential
5. Friendly in appearance
6. Encouraging with their words
7. On time to class
8. Keeps personal issues out of the classroom
9. Thoroughly explains the material
10. Admits if they make a mistake
11. Not afraid to apologize if wrong
12. Charisma – LOVES the subject
13. Patient
14. Respectful
15. Assigns work ahead of time
16. Gives extra credit sometimes
17. Has a sense of humor
18. Inspires a student to become something great
19. Makes the subject interesting
20. Uses praise as a motivator

Courtesy: Vikki Pierson

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