Youth Service Night Held on Sunday Evening, March 28, 2010

(CLICK HERE for pictures.)

Our First Baptist Church teenagers once again had many opportunities to serve on this special evening at First Baptist Church. About fifty teenagers were involved in our Youth Service Night on Sunday night, March 28, 2010.

What a blessing to have Mr. McKinney come from Gospel Light to help with music. Our ensemble from the Patriotic Program back in February sang the song, “Under God” while Mr. McKinney played the piano for them. Other specials included Bethany, Vikki, and Jaclyn who sang, “I’m Amazed.” Jeff, Michael, Scott, and Wes had a brass special for offertory which was the song, “And Can It Be.”

We had several teenagers usher while we also had someone helping in security as well as a head usher. David prayed before Pastor Clear preached, and Miss Marcia Kittleson gave a testimony before Pastor Clear preached.

Leah played the piano for the congregation singing. Prior to the service, we had Youth Chapel at 5 p.m. Mrs. RoseAnn Srader provided cookies for our teenagers. Mr. Graves preached on The Invitiation.

Announcements for the evening included a reminder to the teens of our NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Activity at the Markleys on Monday, April 5. All of the teenagers are invited to this activity. On Easter Sunday, there is no Youth Chapel. There is no soul winning either on this coming Wednesday because there is no school.

Brother Taylor came and gave us an update on the Super Soul Winning Saturday. What a blessing to see dozens of people from First Baptist Church come out this past Saturday and pass out literature and invite people to come on our Easter Sunday. There were four sections near our church that we were looking to canvas.

Young people, thank you for your labor of love in the Lord. It is exciting to see you serve the Lord in whatever capacity. So many teenagers were involved in a variety of various ministries. Thank you, young people.

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