Future/Faculty Game Updates: Lady Crusaders Win 48-34, Faculty Men Win 68-56

The Future/Faculty Games were held at First Baptist School on Friday, March 5, 2010. The ladies’ game was scheduled for 5:30 p.m., and the guys’ game was scheduled for 7:30 p.m. We had an Honor-Your-Parents’ Night after the ladies game.

The ladies’ game actually started pretty evenly, but the depth and speed of the varsity Crusaders was just too much. The following staff ladies played: Mrs. McCannon, Mrs. Fruetel, Miss Lisa Markley, Mrs. Helder, Mrs. Miranda, Mrs. Pierson, and Mrs. Welch. Mr. Helder coached the staff ladies. For the Crusader ladies, the following played in the game: Ashley, Emma, Sierra, Breanna, Elizabeth, Leah, Vikki, Kelsey, Bethany, Jaclyn, Cheyenne, Sam, Colleen, Karla, and Emily.

For the Crusaders, Ashley had 4 points, Breanna had 2 points, Elizabeth had 10 points, Vikki had 3 points,, Kelsey had 2 points, Bethany had 4 points, Jaclyn had 3 points, Cheyenne had 10 points, Sam had 4 points, Collen had 2 points, and Karla and Emily both had 2 points.

For the faculty ladies, Mrs. Graves had 6 points, Miss Lisa had 19 points, Mrs. Helder had 2 points, and Mrs. Pierson had 9 points.

There was a good spirit; that was a blessing. The varsity ladies’ future team defeated the staff faculty ladies 48-34. The score at halftime was 28-16 in favor of the Crusaders. The head coach for the ladies team was Molly, and the assistant coach was Won Young.

For the guys’ game, there also was a good spirit. It was a blessing to see all the players on the Crusaders play. There were many guys. Isiah led all scorers with 16 points and Nathan had 10, Daniel had 9 and Nakwon had 7. Head coaching the team was Dexter and his assistant coaches were the following: Sean, Hayden, Nick K., Nick S., Ethan. The faculty men defeated the Crusaders by a score of 68-56. The halftime score was 45-24 in favor of the faculty men. Pastor Clear coached the staff men.

Mr. O had 3 points, Mr. Cain had 18 points, Mr. Graves had 15 points, Mr. Helder had 2 points, Mr. McKinney had 10 points, Mr. Mellett had 9 points, and Mr. Taylor had 11 points.

Mr. Helder announced to have each set of parents come out during Parent’s Night to meet up with their son or daugther. It was a time of thanksgiving and honoring our parents for all they do.

Michael, Nate, Jaclyn, and Vikki sang the “Star Spangled Banner” before the guys’ game.

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