FBS Spirit Week 2010 – Thursday Update

Three out of four days are complete now. What an exciting day today with Spirit Week. We played a minesweeper-type game today in chapel with a representative from each team. There were twenty cards on a board, and each player took turns picking a card not knowing what would be underneath. Three of the cards had the word “bomb” underneath. Two of the four contestants were out almost immediately. Jeff and Noah went back and forth for several rounds with Jeff emerging as the victor. Tomorrow is a trivia game during chapel time.

Bro. Taylor has been bombarded with treats. What a blessing it has been to see the young people buy some of Bro. Taylor’s favorite treats. These include, but are not limited to, the following: Sprite, Sierra Mist, Cheese Its, Trolli sour gummy worms, and string cheese.

Bro. Austen Taylor preached today from Jeremiah 18. He let us know that God wants us to stay in His army. He preached on “How Do I Pass God’s Inspection” or “How Do I Become Usable.” He asked us to ask ourselves, “Does God have access in your life in all areas?” He also asked us if there is something in our life that is marring our vessel. In order to become usable, Brother Taylor mentioned three things that we must be…

  • Reformed
  • Refined
  • Renewed

What areas have we not given to God a complete access. Brother Taylor, thank you for the great challenge. Once again, many teenagers went forward to make decisions for Christ. We also mentioned publicly a few young people who have made decisions in their life that wanted to make it public. God is moving in the hearts of our young people. Please make it a matter of prayer that others will also respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading in each of the young people’s lives.

The 1:50 p.m. games today were all about accuracy. There were 7 stations from which a representative from each team would throw a racquetball. The girls did this as well as the guys.

The standings are as follows after 3 days (and one more day left):

  • 10163 Points – Israeli Defense Forces
  • 9813 Points – Marines
  • 9775 Points – Navy Seals
  • 9150 Points – Air Force

Tomorrow is the last day, and our featured 1:50 p.m. game is the annual Tug-of-War.


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  1. Jeffrey Fruetel says:

    Hi Mr. Graves! Nice Website

  2. Thanks, Jeffrey! Glad you like the site. I enjoy keeping people informed!

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