FBS Spirit Week 2010 – Friday Update

What an incredible week. And what an great day it was today. Spirit Week at First Baptist School was a blast. Today in chapel we had a trivia game over the military alphabet and military leaders during World War II. The Marines won that contest while the Air Force and Israeli Defense Forces tied for second. The Israeli Defense Forces found the Army man; the Navy Seals found the hidden tank and the jet fighter.

Bro. Taylor preached from II Timothy 2:1-4 on the theme of our Spirit Week which is “Enduring Hardness as a Good Soldier.” His title was “I’m in the Army of the Lord” or “How Do I Become the Best Soldier.” He preached on three things that will help us become the best soldier we can be for Christ.

  • Determine to endure hardness as a good soldier. Bro. Taylor said that, “Hardness of training is what God purposely brings to make you stronger.” We need to keep our eyes fixed on God (He is our captain). We also need to keep a close relationship with our Captain.
  • Determine to steadfast. (I Cor. 15:58) Realize that it is not about you. The Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross for us.
  • Determine to strive for excellence.

What a blessing it was to see every single teenager at the altar making decisions for Christ. Praise the Lord for a great week. Thank you so much for your prayers.

The 1:50 p.m. games were a great hit as each of the teams started in a round robin format and then playoffs. We played our annual Tug-of-War. After the tug of war, the faculty men took on the senior boys. Right at the start of “go” it was quite a battle with the rope not moving much from the center. After some time, the faculty men were victorious. But not without the expense of some men breathing heavy and some very red hands. It was quite a contest.

The final standings for the entire week are as follows (The Marines are victorious over everybody):

  • 13638 Points – Marines
  • 13575 Points – Israeli Defense Forces
  • 13250 Points – Navy Seals
  • 12488 Points – Air Force

God has been great to us this week. Pray that our teenagers will not forget their decisions for Christ and work daily to make each right decision a reality in their life.


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