FBS Does Well at MACS Bible/Speech Festival, Including 6 First-Place Finishes

The MACS Bible & Speech Festival was held at Woodcrest on Monday, February 8, 2010. Despite a good amount of snow, the festival was still a go. Despite taking over two hours to get to Woodcrest, the young people did a great job. Mr. Helder drove the bus, and Mrs. Tidrick accompanied the young people also.

With a couple of schools late due to inclement weather, the schedule was readjusted and all of the categories were re-worked to accommodate each high schooler.

We are proud of all of the young people and their hard work and dedication. Here are the following results from the MACS Bible & Speech Festival for the students at First Baptist School:

  • Humorous Interpretation, 1st Place, Superior Rating, Kesley and Bethany
  • Dramatic Interpretation, 1st Place, Excellent Rating, Jaclyn
  • Dramatic Interpretation, 2nd Place, Good Rating, Leah
  • Oral Interpretation of Poetry, 1st Place, Excellent Rating, Vikki
  • Duet Acting, 3rd Place, Excellent Rating, Kesley and Bethany
  • Puppets, 2nd Place, Excellent Rating, Jaclyn and Bethany
  • Evangelistic Preaching, 1st Place, Excellent Rating, Isiah
  • Evangelistic Preaching, 2nd Place, Excellent Rating, Daved
  • Expository Preaching, 1st Place, Excellent Rating, Drea
  • Topical Preaching, 3rd Place, Excellent Rating, Hayden
  • Topical Preaching, No placing, Excellent Rating, David
  • Topical Preaching, No placing, Excellent Rating, Nathan
  • Spelling, 1st Place, Ethan
  • Spelling, 2nd Place, Bethany

Congratulations to every student who participated, and thank you, Mr. Helder and Mrs. Tidrick, for all of your hard work and dedication with helping the students.

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